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Crypto MENA would like to welcome you to Arab BlockChain seminar your ultimate guide to blockchain for business. It has been said that blockchain will do for transactions what the Internet did for information. What that means is that it allows increased trust and efficiency in the exchange of almost anything.

What is Our Goal?

Blockchain can profoundly change how the world works. If you’ve ever bought a house, you probably had to sign a huge stack of papers from a variety of different stakeholders to make that transaction happen. If you’ve ever registered a vehicle, you may understand how painful that process can be not to mention how challenging it can be to track medical records.

    Blockchain, most simply defined as a shared, immutable ledger, has the potential to be the technology that redefines those processes and many others. To be clear, when we talk about blockchain, we’re not talking about bitcoin. We’re talking about the underlying digital foundation that supports applications such as bitcoin. But the reaches of blockchain extend far beyond bitcoin.

June 19,20, 21





Elie Azzi


Tey El-Rjula  

  • Day 1
  • 19/06/2018

    What are the benefits of Blockchain?

  • A brief history of Money (30 minutes)
    - Function of currencies
    - Barter Through Coinage
    - Coinage through Fiat Currency

    Byzantium General’s Problem & Bitcoin Solution (30 minutes)
    - Assets and transactions ledgers
    - Byzantium General’s Problem
    - The Bitcoin Approach
    - Bitcoin: Some metrics

    Blockchain: Revolutionizing the traditional Business network (2 hours)
    - Exploring a Blockchain application
    - Why is it called Blockchain?
    - What makes a Blockchain suitable for Business?

    Real use cases Implementation (1 hour)
    - Blockchain in financial industry
    - Blockchain in humanitarian
  • Day 2
  • 20/06/2018

    Blockchain use cases & Introduction to Ethereum

  • - Ethereum: A blockchain infrastructure (2 hours)
    - Ethereum ecosystem
    - DApps and DAOs
    - Smart contract concept and Introduction to mist
    - What is Ether, Gas?
    - Metropolis Update
    - Mining Ethereum and impact of moving to Proof of Stake

    Public Blockchain Overview (1 hour)
    - EOS
    - Cardano
    - Neo
    - Lisk

    Beyond Bitcoin Blockchain: (1 hour)
    - Sidechains
    - Atomic swap
    - Lightning network
  • Day 3
  • 21/06/2018

    Bitcoin Fundamentals & Ethereum Smart Contract

  • Introduction to cryptography (30 minutes)
    - Cryptographic Hash function
    - Hash pointers and data structures
    - Digital Signatures
    - Public key as Identity
    - Example of a Simple crypto currency

    Ethereum Workshop (4 hours)
    - What is a smart contract
    - Solidity
    - Presentation of a Turing complete smart contract
    - Installation of the Ethereum environment
    - Creation of your first smart contract on EVM

Tickets For Entrepreneurs/ Investors/ Bankers/CEOs/ CTOs/ Developers/Startups

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Tickets For The First 50 University Students

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BlockChain Workshop

The First BlockChain Workshop in Jordan


Event Location

Jordan -Amman
al hussein cultural center‬‏
Phone: +962 785091435
Email: info@arabblockchainsummit.com